The home of Nanban unglazed work.

Nanban is a type of unglazed work that is largely unknown outside of
the tea world in Japan. It
 is usually fired in a snake kiln. There are
very few kilns like this around today. While there are literally
thousands of anagama and noborigama type kilns snake kilns
number in the tens. To get the best Nanban colors a good kiln is
essential. Important also is the clay. A clay that is a low temperature
stoneware with a lot of iron is the best.
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David Morrison Pike
Wood Fired Ceramics
The home of wood fired glazed work.

I fire a two chamber Karatsu type noborigama. The overall size of
the kiln is 7 meters. The fire box is very large for this size kiln, it
measures 2 meters. The first and second room are roughly 1.2
meters. The exit "tunnel" at the back of the second room is about 2
meters. It takes about 24 hours to fire if I want to go as fast as I
can. I usually take between 36-48 hours with the longest firing
clocking in at about 78 hours. Until the completion of my snake kiln I
fired Nanban work in this kiln. While I got great results I always had
a problem with only being able to get a very low percentage from
each firing.